Monday, December 19, 2011

Comparing hostip and geoip

What is the best IP address to geolocalisation system?

Seeking to analyze web log files by the country of request origin, I recently proposed a simple plugin wrapping API. Of course, the major competitor in the field is maxmind geoip and they provide a free light version of their database. This database can be queried through their java API of a geoip Grails plugin.
Time has come for numbers. How each module perform on the same set of ip address? Even with 3% of uncertainties, maxmind geoip lite shows to be clearly the best.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hostip grails plugin: from IP address to localisation

Getting a localisation from an IP address is somehow straight forwards with available web services. However, for massive report (such as analyzing web logs from the remoteIP perspective), it is not doable, even with caching.
The idea of the plugin is to use the free distributed hostip database, mirror it locally and give a Grails service to query it.
There is another post, comparing hostip with maxmind geoip. It should certainly be read before jumping to hostip.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Perl & Hudson: continuous testing & deployment

One of the key point of Agile driven development is an infrastructure to seamlessly build, test and deploy the software at every commit.

Although lot of framework exists in the Java world, there is less available pointers on this topic with Perl. The aim of this post if to give a few practical hints on how we set up our continuous testing and deployment system using Husdon for multiple, dependent perl distributions.

Be ready, it's easy!